2018 8th Anuual LMSA Howling Halloween Tournament

Please note the following divisions are now full and no further teams will be accepted

u10 Girls
u11 Girls
u12 Girls
u13 Girls
u14 Girls

u14 Boys
u12 Boys
u11 Boys
u9 boys
u8 Boys


All Recreational divisions are full


We are still looking for teams in the following divisions ONLY
u9 girls, u8 girls, u13 boys, u10 boys

Saturday 10/27/2018

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all u6 and u7 teams should email their interest directly to lmsasoccer@gmail.com
(u6 and u7 teams will not be able to register through gotsoccer)


One day tournament Saturday October 27, 2018

all teams are guaranteed 3 games


U6 2013:               4 v 4    15 min halves     $195
U7 2012                4 v 4     15 min halves    $195
U8/9 2011/2010    7 v 7      20 min halves   $350
U10 2009              7 v 7      20 min halves   $350


U8/9 2011/2010   7 v 7     20 min halves    $375
U10 2009           7 v 7     20 min halves    $375
U11 2008           9 v 9     25 min halves    $425
U12 2007           9 v 9     25 min halves    $425
U13 2006          11 v 11   30 min halves    $475 (3 man ref system)
U14 2005          11 v 11   30 min halves    $475 (3 man ref system)




Registration for the 2018 tournament is now opened


Teams are encouraged to come in costume, however, please keep in mind that you will either need to take the costume off for your games, or you must have a costume that does not interfere with the players ability to play or can be deemed as a hazard.  Also, each team must be uniquely identifiable during games.  Final say over the players attire is deteremined by the Referee's.






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